I grew up in Thessaloniki. I studied in the Department of Italian Language and Literature at the Aristotle University and specialized in Fashion Design and Styling.

This was followed by studies at the University of Siena and Florence, which were decisive for my path in the field of art. Returning to Greece, I experimented with new artistic forms: clay sculpture,
pottery, jewelry design, painting. Today I live and work in Chalkidiki as a teacher of Visual Arts and Italian language. I am the Secretary of the Chalkidiki Artists' Association (SKETH) and a member of the "Epimoni Techni" art group.
In my works, the philosophy of recycling, reusing materials is evident... Paper, wire, clay, metal, plastic, objects that are often considered useless, are transformed into works of art. I believe that handmade artistic jewelry is an element of personal taste that can differentiate and highlight the style.

Hand holding stones from the Art Exhibition " Grecian Magnesite Approach of timeless coexistence" Skala Gerakini

         Participation in exhibitions

  • 2007 "Earth world" : Alatza Imaret municipality of Thessaloniki 
  • 2010 "Fly me high" : Stone, Wood, Metal and Clay at the Old Primary School of Paleokastro. Cultural Association "Ta aidonia"
  • 2011 today : Participation in SKETH exhibitions and poster design
  • 2016 Grecian Magnesite : "Visual Approach to long-term coexistence - Gerakini.
  • 2017 "Masks" : Archaeological Museum of Polygyros
  • 2019 "SKETH Exhibition" : Municipal theater of Moudania
  • 2022 Project of "Epimoni Tehni" with title "Touching the sea walls of the city" : S Hotel Thessaloniki
  • 2023 “La Grande Bellezza” : Art Gallery Medina Roma

     The work "Petrinos" is exhibited in the permanent Sculpture Collection of the Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki in Casa Bianca. My works also adorn the Town Hall of Polygyros, the Municipal Library and private collections

Art Exhibition at SKETH gallery

From gallery

Art Exhibition "Couples" at SKETH

FROM gallery

“My world work” Colourful!!! 💖

Teaching sculpting and painting to children

Title :
"Primavera" (Spring)

Clay sculpture workshop for adults

Group work from children's Painting Collage activities